Monday, September 15, 2008

Ambling along!!

The alarm rings, and out she jumped, no snuggling between the blankets, no turning away from the nagging ringing of the clock.
She finished her chores, and gingerly chose the socks that she was to wear. Would it match the blue stole Manju had bought for her? It didn't matter, after all, it would be hidden inside her long pants...oh yes!! She should check if she had taken her wallet.
Mmmm, it was right there where she had kept it on the side table. She had kept everything ready last night, hadn't she? She got ready and she started out, in the grey of the morning.
It was still and just the sounds of the neighbourhood strays barking, could be heard. She was a wee bit scared. Should she wait for a while more till the sun danced out of those clouds?
She thought would make her change her mind. So out she stepped.

The walk to the garden, one of the very famous ones in her city. Many early morning walkers could be seen huddled inside their warm clothes and walking or taking a stroll. The fervour inside, was a different scene altogether. There was so much activity, one would assume there was a race to be run. But that was the scene every morning.
She entered the huge gates, a small , figure, who could have been camouflaged amidst the many trees. She ambled along to the tree, the one she had seen on her walks everyday and seen many smiling faces under the sprawling branches. She had never stopped untill now, but now she waited.
She looked straight ahead, knowing that , that was the path that would be taken. She looked into her wallet yet again, and counted the coins. There was all of 4 coins.
She smiled, a knowing smile. When she looked up, her smile brightened, one that could light up the entire space. She didn't move, she stood looking with that sparkle in her eyes,while he trudged along, leaning heavily , taking support on the brand new birch John had gifted him. He wanted to walk faster, but he knew he had to take it easy..after all they had a lot of time on their hands. He strolled upto her, and looked down at the cheeky smile. Hands held, they walked up to the cafeteria a few steps away.

" By two coffee, please"
The small helper boy with a toothy grin, handed them the 2 glasses, helped them find a place to sit down.
" Ajji ( grandma), sit here"
and walked inside, a grin on his face. He needn't go back for another hour he knew. After all he had seen the old couple everyday for the last 6 months. He just smiled.

ps. by two coffee, is a very popular way of asking for coffee, when one doesn't want the entire cup of coffee. It has become more of a habit in this city and many just ask for this, by two coffee.

The prompt at Sunday scribblings was 'Coffee', and this was what got into my mind first thing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lonely yet again!!

And then one day....I saw it...
all balled up and rolling away from me.
I wondered what that was!
Though it looked way too familiar
to my very discerning eyes

Wasn't that the same color
or was it part of the set?
No!!! I'm sure I had seen it elsewhere
But now it isn't there.

Once long ago, when they were bought
Longings for those stripes,
Same colors as the mob
Short and ankled, its what it was!

Wore it with pride, pulled up the legs,
of those denims hard and worn-
A teeny bit peeping out
For every one to know

Now a day after it went in
to the tumbing it had to get...
Rinsed and scrubbed, by the machine
And out its supposed to get

All fresh and smelling clean
bright and squeeky but seen
Tumbled over the remaining pile
Oh! Alas, where did it go

I can't find it , yet again...
and once more it gets to be
The lonely old soul
with none who knows better
how it would be..

Living the life a-single
It was just meant to be
once again and yet again
A lost sock trying in vain!!