Friday, May 16, 2008

Believe and Soar!!

A few years back, when the movie 'Space Jam' had released, one thing had struck me as amazing, and it stayed in my memory for ever. To this day...It was the song 'I believe I can fly' .
That song, had the ability to take you to a different realm of life. My dreams would soar with the lines, and I could feel my mind gliding through like a seagull.
It was indeed a lovely inspirational song. I still sing it when i'm down and helps your spirits soar and fly ..
And this prompt here at Sunday scribblings just had to make me put these words out.

Oh monkey mind
tamed though you may not be
Watch out for the star
twinkling above the sea

Minds drift in and out
dreams floating about
Happiness is all you want
The mind is again on its jaunt.

Let the goals soar
up and into the sky
higher and higher
reaching out to make you fly

Its all in the mind
positive thoughts, one of a kind
Let your thoughts soar
Saddened emotions left behind

Up , up above and beyond
let them grow
'You can do it, yes, you can'
don't give up , try once more.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

path chosen?!

Dutiful , respectful
childhood moments
words he oft heard

parents separate
his inner turmoils
rendered apart

substance abuse
peer pressure
laws broken into

Handprints taken
mugshot framed
bare walls are all he got

Sunday, May 4, 2008


The eyes flitted across the room furtively
The lil one with 2 pigtails played peacefully.
The dolls were changed many times over,
The tiny pots and pans arranged all over.

The crowd began to disperse
towards the dining area:
Few held themselves back,
prepared to wait it over.

Thats when he entered
wearing a dark suit, class written all over.
He moved around with ease
evryone's attention he held to please.

It just took a second
but she saw the eyes squeezing shut
The pigtails flying around
Into the shadows far behind.

The instincts picked it up
ferocious and determined.
A mother's sixth sense they say
But she knew he was the one.

He was from the same family after all
No one would believe her, but she knew,
A mother will pounce to defend her brood,
Like a lion in wait, standing over his food.

The prompt over at writer's island 'ferocious'.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Family faces are mirrors. Looking at the people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future.
This piece was written in response to the prompt at Sunday scribblings

The excitement was overpowering her. She never could stop herself from planning her days. She had just recieved a call. It said that they were all meeting in her hometown for the weekend. All of them were coming with their families.

She smiled. She had merged herself into her husband's family. His parents had slowly taken her under their wing and protected her. She loved every moment with them. Her innocence had transformed her into a mature wife, a mother and a much- loved daughter-in-law. Days had turned into months and then to years. Now after 15 years...she had trouble believing it.
Life had taken each of her sisters into different paths and then onto far off places. Each one on a journey of discovery, a quest for fortune. Not once did their routines coincide, then how was it, this time there was a chance? She hadn't seen them for so many years...she was apprehensive. Would they still be the same? Would all of them get along well? Will her children accept the other cousins easily? She shook herself from this euphoria.
Nothing mattered now. Being together and seeing them all was what took precedence.
She packed her bags carefully...not wanting anything to come in the way and mar her joy.

Reaching her hometown, she knew she wanted this so bad, and she had been waiting for this for years.
Her dream had come true. Now when she saw her father smile through his glossy eyes, as he saw his daughters with their family, she was overwhelmed.
She knew that for a parent, their children will always remain young and here he was, just soaking it all in...he had'nt seen all his 6 daughters and their family together and so happy....
He wished time would stand still. His family had brought him an unspoken contentment in him. And he was fulfilled.

Reminded me of a poem I had read sometime was so beautifully written, I wanted to share...I think it was by someone called Denny..

Grandpa Doesn't Care

My ice cream dripped on his good pants,

but grandpa doesn't care.

his fishing tackle's tangled up,

his rod is who knows where?

I lost his keys in the garage,

I've made a mess out there.

I'm always getting into things,

but grandpa doesn't care.

I help him in the garden

'causewe're really quite a pair;

I pull the plants out with the weeds,

but grandpa doesn't care.

When I am grown and on my own,

when visits become rare,

I won't forget the love I'd get when grandpa didn't care.