Sunday, January 26, 2014

The eyes of the world..

He had tried his best to be what the world wanted him to be. He had tried starving, gym, surgery. It just didn't help. He now needed help to just sit. His weight was just not letting him be normal.

They found his body a day later

They said he died because they wouldn't accept him..

Written in response to the prompt for 55 word fiction at Marathon Bloggers

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sighing away a dream

Standing in front of the unfinished building she looked, with a tear in her eye. The bay window in front was to overlook the garden where the little one could play and she could watch from her kitchen. The dream of the gurgle and the sparkling laughter. It would all remain ,just a dream...

This is in response to the 55word fiction prompts at Marathon Bloggers.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weighty pleas!!

If he looked at it one more time, I'm sure a voice would have been heard
But today looked like the forces were against him. He had pleaded one last time..but alas! The needle refused to budge.
Watching in mute shock, the weighing machine just smirked


This was written in response to the prompts at 55ers a 55 word story over at Marathon Bloggers 

Kissed, oh! So tenderly!

Stark white, fresh green, dewy petals. Struggling to open.
The diluted rays of the morning sun
Sashaying across the sky
Leisurely, with no purpose
Sweeps down , planting a tender kiss
And the shy petals blush in wide surprise

This was in response to the prompt 'That tender kiss' at 'Marathon Bloggers' a week long attempt at doing a 55 word story

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just as I was leaving....

The silence in the bedroom sent me into panic. The one-eyed teddy winked at me. I knew I ought to find him before it was too late. 
One glance inside the kitchen I thought. 

Just as I was leaving, I heard splashing sounds from the year old Arav gurgled from behind the toilet

Written in response to the prompt 'Just as she was leaving' for the 55 word prompt at Marathon Bloggers

Monday, January 20, 2014

Is it love?

He was inaugurating the new store. He had said 8 o'clock. She was breathless with excitement and love. She had worn his favourite color.
Few minutes more ,he would be home, to pick her up, so she switched on the television. Smiling bright and happily, on the screen she saw, he was cutting the red ribbon...

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  This is done as a part of a week long 55-word fiction attempt along with Marathon bloggers