Sunday, December 14, 2008

The tears welled up...

When the world conspires to pull them down
the lil fingers reach out
they reach out to the hand
the one they know
will pull them up

They hope for the smile
the smile that will lift their spirits up
from the upsets that they faced
the hopeful beginnings
that threaten to cloud their happy tracks

Old order changeth
bringing in the new
unseen as it may seem,
it gets better as it ages
new replaces old, but never to hold
just plain cold.

The hand stretched out
slowly drawn back-
the hand , larger and stronger
holds back,knowing not how

The tears , welled, behind the lids
were the dreams and hopes
of a smaller hand
precious, raw
unexposed to the laws of the land.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

From dad with Love!

The ringing of the doorbell
the glimpse of a card
each year
early morn
yet to fail
the crispness
of the note,
hidden inside
treasures all the love
handed over

to the daughter
who smiles in anticipation
for the sameness
each new year