Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does it matter?!

She sighed as she looked across the pool. Her kids had grown and didn't need her any more to chaperone them. But she wanted to do something with her time...and she yearned to hear voices ...It was a lovely sunny morning and the morning chores halfway through, she knew she didn't have to rush through any thing now.

She stepped out and stood watching. The pool was overflowing with laughter, splashing water, giggles, screams and lots of noise..seeming so peaceful amidst all the sounds. She felt it in her seeped through. It was her moment of peace.

She knew she had to grasp it like tender silk strands. She watched the tender moments passed between a young mother swimming and her toddler by the pool trying to reach out into the
water. The look of awe in the little child's eye's at the feel of water and the mother's mixed emotions, that of love and concern. The language was need for words, but it was clear. The child moved back a step and the sigh of relief on the doting mom's face was soothing.It was then that she remembered those stormy seconds ...

The grinding of the jaw, a slight twist of his head, the downward curl of the eyebrows - she sensed it before it erupted. So she walked into her comfort zone : the kitchen...hummed a tune and ignored the raging fury behind her. The door banged shut, and it was only then she had felt herself breathe..

Her mother had reminded her all through her childhood...those days when her eyes spoke with such clarity, that it sparkled...with honesty and amazing innocence. Can a lifetime of moods and unspoken words befog those luculent eyes. How easy it was to hide those feelings, those emotions, and those just made the language of restrain all the more easier.
She smiled to herself.

She had outwitted the language of her eyes to maintain a semblance of peace....the serenity which her soul pleaded...but she knew it wasn't the end.