Tuesday, May 13, 2008

path chosen?!

Dutiful , respectful
childhood moments
words he oft heard

parents separate
his inner turmoils
rendered apart

substance abuse
peer pressure
laws broken into

Handprints taken
mugshot framed
bare walls are all he got


Anonymous said...

i must ask u ... hw do u do this?

a few words and emotion-full story ...said :)

wow! i like yur style! i wish smeday i can frame such words and tell a story like this :)

Suma said...

poignant and sad...

its so easy to stray, isn't it?

Beauty and the BEast said...

It is quite a lot packed into quite a small, yet mighty impressive package!

Pri said...

a sad reality...a fact that someone who has faced it can never get over :(

Akshay said...

It's Amazing...some of it I feel is way too personal...And thats why it's best to sieve it through poetry...

Prats said...

@veens Thanks so, you write so well, so why change your style...

@suma...thank you yes...and when there is no proper guidance it can happen

Balu said...

That was brilliantly incisive.