Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The clouds that ground you!

The mist that descends onto your face
The gurgle of the Teesta that flows by
The conifers that stand tall
Straining your neck as you look above

The peace that transcends
As one gets off onto the ground
Bringing to reality the green of the valley
The swish of the leaves as you pass by

The peaks dotted with snow
Keeping watch on those that traverse below
The white, the absoluteness that strikes
All around, like a sentinel in stride

The city with dreams, that is
Wreathed in the clouds, and puffs of snow
One view that takes your breath away
The view of the peak that stands highest

Gangtok, and the smiles
The rosy cheeks, the ice cold air
The maggi noodles, one can't ignore
Woolens, hot tea, snowflakes for all to treasure

The armed forces, brave and proud
Working relentlessly
Keeping our borders safe and secure
Conditions always being ignored

Keeping me grounded
Yet, continuing to dream
The chime of the bells
In the temples that pervade peace

This is the city, i'd love to always go
When my head's in the clouds
and the brain in storage
It will always be one of my favourite spots to be.

This is my day 10 post for 'Marathon Bloggers'


Pinksocks said...

Beautiful words there Girl. Loved it :)

AJ said...

Loved the post...and I looove Gangtok too. Have fond memories of that place. :)

Swathika said...

Makes me want to see that place

ßiju said...

Great post. You are talented and gifted with words

Aparna said...

Your lovely words absolutely match the picture! Hope I can visit this amazing looking place sometime.

Simran said...

Beautifully written. I could feel it all through your words. Lovely!

Amit said...

Teesta nadi si tu chanchalaaa! :) lovely post