Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The hopeful need

To know that you are wanted
The days that brings with every sun rays
The hesitant steps, the swishing of the gown
And The hope that the doorbell rings

Is it such a dreary thought?
The bed is warm and the lights are out-
The rustle of the sheets whispers
The moment feels heavy

Waking up to the sounds of the whistle
The aromas of coffee that lingers
In the kitchen and the dining room
Knowing that it'll awake within few moments

Is that what you want?
Is it how you wanted?
Then why does the back cramp
From deep within

Those tears that refuse to fall
The eyes that resign themselves
To the need that they crave
One knowing glance and a loving hug

They search and then settle down 
At the sounds of his footsteps
It's time to smile
It's time to bend acquiescence
It's time to put on a mask

The dawn breaks forth
And yet another day has begun...

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