Sunday, March 30, 2008

'Saturn'ic verses

He rotated around
All ignorant
Looked always
In the same direction

Round and round
he went profound.
The big ball of fire
Was all he could keep in count

Not counting the days
nor the months in which he spun
Smiling all round through
Turn and turn but he still wasn't done.

Far far away
many bodies apart
It does look rainbow coloured
Is it the Earth?
or is my insides torn apart?

Yes, the Earth it was
and there many a scribes spent
Days and years..
long , long ago.

They said it was the position:
and some said it wasn't.
But down it went,
Into the palmyra strips

The manuscripts were written
The verdict was given
Seven and half years of evil
and some more or be ill

Thats all she had heard
All through ,kept pondering
Why should the planets
be the reason for her shortcomings?


tumblewords said...

Cleverly done! Enjoyed it immensely...

Anonymous said...

most assuredly


c e e d y said...

well you know that the "dumd" and "helpless" is the only one in a group who is blamed for all miseries...

in this case dear planets...

well written

UL said...

hey prats, this was cool. loved this new site btw...

Elspeth said...

Hello fellow Libran. Thanks for visiting. Maybe the world could benefit from some 'Venus Verses' ...

rebecca said...

Satanic Verses? clever :)

Prats said...

@tumblewords, wine dark Thank you

@ceedy Planets somehow are always revolving around us 'cos of horoscopes and stuff....Thanks for coming in here

@ul Gee thanks. Keep dropping in

Prats said...

@elspeth Welcome here....Yes, hopefully not overdosed with Venus sweetness...heheh

@rebecca...Saturn....isn't it how that is?

Thinking aloud said...

planetary talk always follows our every action doesn't it?