Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is it sunshine yet?

Morning greyness

toothpaste sweetness

Is the faucet fading away?

Struggle with the footsteps

seat myself on the first step

But where are the rest of the treads?

Mother brings a bowl

Swirling crispies on a roll

But did the sugar crystals melt away?

Into the shower she howls

As if the water's crying foul?

But listen I must or else she'll yowl.

Morning has broken

Isn't that a song?

Wonder what Cat was thinking

Nights seems to wander

Into a snooze

Left me behind

while it went chasing the starry moons.


Steve said...

This is so inspiring.

Thank you for stopping by at my blog!

Prats said...

@steve Thanks Steve...

Thinking aloud said...

get up girl...:)

morning has broken indeed!!!

Sweetstickychewy said...

You write so well!:D

Loved this!Its so lighthearted.

Prats said...

@TA heheh...woken I have a choice? :(

@sweetstickychewy Thank you and it was so sweet of you to come by