Sunday, December 7, 2008

From dad with Love!

The ringing of the doorbell
the glimpse of a card
each year
early morn
yet to fail
the crispness
of the note,
hidden inside
treasures all the love
handed over

to the daughter
who smiles in anticipation
for the sameness
each new year


Rambler said...

hey this was sweet

Ramya said...

First time here. .
Loved your post!
I relate to it all the more because that day of the year is awaiting me in a few hours! :-)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awe... awesome :-)

Marja said...

wow this is really beautiful and touching You are a great writer

Prats said...

@rambler Thank you

@ramya Welcome here...
thank you..and i'm sure the coming few days will be all the more specil..hope you have a great time in aniticipation!

@raaji aww...thanks

@marja Thank you so much.

dharmabum said...

there is something about dads and their daughters...have always envied my sister for it ;)

Keshi said...

reminded me of my dad...beautiful post. And..



How do we know said...


Anonymous said...

This is such a touching little piece. Beautiful.

Suma said...


aren't dads wonderful...?

Jagjit said...

lovely card and post. first time here.. i liked it.. keep it up!!

Neilina said...

Nice! ".....daughter who smiles in anticipation"...Lovely!

Purva said...

that was very sweet!!! and i simply love your blog's really aesthetic.

UL said...

beautiful :)