Friday, April 4, 2008

Boiled beans!

Namma BengaLooru

By two coffee, filter kapi,
Steaming idlis soaked in divine chutney
SLV's , Darshini's, teeming with harried citizenry
Temples and rock shows ,rustling along

Pub hopping, or salsa dancing
Stroll down memory lanes
Sidewalks disappearing, yet gives way to green

Peaceful, hospitable, pensioner's paradise
Tags of era gone by
It city, pub city, silicon yet no identity
Floundering along far away.

Language barrier broken into
Smiles aplenty for me or you.
Wide roads, mud roads, narrow streets
Lalbagh, Cubbon park, landmarks giving lung space

Gulmohars, Tabebuia, and not to forget the brilliant Jacaranda
BMTC roars along, while the lesser mortals cruise past
Give way to the majestic Autos, traffic is stairway to hell
Weather so pleasant you forget moments were dull.

Warm welcome to one and all
'City of boiled beans', isn't that what she was called
Bangalore to BengaLooru
Does it matter?
Our hearts still remain open to all

In response to Totally optional prompts in the regional category.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I felt I was there, specially with the food and the jacarandas. I love jacarandas....

Ps said...

LOVELY new look.
Bad bad Prats---I so so so miss Bangalore right now.
Boo--hoo. wah. sob sob.I want to be in bangalore right now.

Thinking aloud said...

hey good going prats...If that doesn't get everyone to bangalore, what won't? ;)

this sure was a poem of love, what with all that effort to put links in...and all teh nostalgia pouring in rite now...sigh...

45 days more to go...b4 i get there...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

good you talked ,I mean spelt out only the lovely things of Bangaluru and omitted out the troubles the beautiful city is facing due to the expansion

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Great - loved the tour of your region!

Greyscale Territory said...

You have given us the opportunity to be whisked along as an armchair traveller.

Loved the image of smiles breaking the language barrier.


tumblewords said...

I've been on a short vacation due to your writing! The imagery is wonderful and I can smell the jacarandas!

Lion Chiller said...

Great going, Prats!

J said...

Wow.. You aptly captured the spirit of this city in words. talking of idli's, time for b'fast.

Prats said...

@craft green poet And you'e welome here too. The jacarandas are a delight to our city..

@PS Thanks. OH no!!! I didnt mean to sadden you :( I'm sure this city misses you too....Just pack your bags and come here....we'd love to have you back :)

Prats said...

@TA :D thank you thank you!!! Love yes!!! travelling all over and seeing smoe places, I know how much I love my city...with all its evils in it. Waiting to see you here.

@CU Actually in spite of its numerous space problems, I still love it, and i'm sure all those who visit here and refuse to go back, will attest for that.
But I did talk about that too in the second and the third para.

Prats said...

@sweettalkingguy Thanks and it was really refreshing to say it aloud what I love the most.

@gemma Thanks Gemma....that was very sweet of you.

@tumblewords :D That was so lovely. It is a short vacation for all those who still are at work and at home :) thank you.

Sumana said...

very nice prats, I am in the city and can see what you talked about and relate to the same.

Aarthi said...

I was at B'lore few months back...Had a blast asusual...but still not satisfied..wish I come thr soon...:(

shubd07 said...

Its been a little over a year since I was in B'lore last ..but your poem took me right back there !!

Thanks for your visit.

div said...

nice post.... i really miss b'lore a lot...
btw beautiful blog template..:)

Raaga said...

beddakaalina ooru :-) I remember reading that somewhere. I miss Bangalore