Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gambling in torrid sands...

Endless steppes and torrid deserts, high mountains covered with eternal glaciers and valleys filled with fragrances of grasses and flowers. So said the ad.

Thats where they were headed
She glanced askance, and saw him engrossed.
Deep within the pages of a moth eaten novel.
He was devouring it like a parched traveller.
She shuffled her feet, he lifted his weary eyes.
He knew it was time to leave

Saw that she had packed her bags,
some more than she could carry
But then she was made strong
And so there was no need to worry.

He left his post with a gloom on his face
Knew not whether he would get such a taste
He had gambled away his heart
and now he must not make haste.

So pensive in his thoughts, he trudged along
She waddling by his side
Reached the scorching sands
And hid beneath the burrowed bands

Made sure no flying eagle caught their sight
Scurrying along shadows
They both hurried, knowing their plight
Reached safe haven, and hi fi'd

"Yo! heady ant, I the termite, take thee as my lawfully wedded wife.
Written in response to writer's island prompt


Thinking aloud said...

u too...twist and turn?

ant and termite who would have thought...nice take on teh prompt, prats...loved this..and esp teh last stanza...a hi-fi indeed!

Sweetstickychewy said...

I love the end!:D

A fantastic end.

Prats said...

@TA into the sands...twisted...

@sweetstickychewy Thank you...

Lion Chiller said...

yo! calling the ants and the termites!!!! lovely poems and and a wow end!